Will’s Story

will1Will is 11 years old, is a twin to his brother Tom and has Autism Spectrum. Will and Tom have three other siblings.

Will has a happy and outgoing nature, he loves swimming, in particular swimming in the ocean.

One of the goals for Will and his family is for to him to swim the Murray Rose Malabar Magic Ocean Swim in the future.

“William has always loved the water, he started swimming lessons about three years ago, first at the Cherrybrook Club, then the past term at Lindfield Rainbow Club.

Swimming with Rainbow Club has given Will the skills to try things out of his comfort zone, it has made him a strong and confident swimmer, and more confident with learning life skills and interacting with peers.”

“When Will started to learn to swim he was quite fearless, he would jump straight in the water and have no regard for his personal safety. Before Rainbow Club, his swimming was just dog paddling, now he uses his arms correctly and the instructors are teaching him to use his breathing so he can go for longer distances.

He has developed so well, Will now has much better technique in his strokes, with back stroke and breast stroke being his best and the most natural for him.”

“We would never have dreamt that Will would have ever attempted a 50m swimming pool, he competed in the Catholic Interschool Carnival where he came 3rd in his first ever race!”

Lauren, Will’s instructor, says “Will has a lot of natural ability as a swimmer, giving him great potential to be a competitive swimmer in the future.”

For the Hutchison family, working with Rainbow Club has been a fantastic and life changing experience.