Rainbow Club Staff



Catriona Barry, General Manager



Nicola Davies-Cooke, Swimming Officer – responsible for ensuring that Swim the Rainbow program is embedded in all our clubs and our teachers are supported to deliver this program to all children with a disability




Heather Nadilo, Administration Officer – responsible for all matters relating to teachers and Website updates




Bianca Starcic, Accounts Officer – responsible for all accounts, producing financial reports and assisting with the payroll



Min Strauss, Membership Officer – responsible for liaising and supporting committee members, ensuring all members are paid up to date and claiming funds from NDIS for members who are using this source of funding.


Sarah Simon, Development Coordinator (Seven Hills Area) – responsible for helping set up a new Rainbow Club in this general catchment area and finding more ways to get alleviate the large waiting list and get more children in the pool.

All staff are  part time and passionate about Rainbow Club and its mission.