NDIS and Rainbow Club

Updated 9/1/2018

Rainbow Club is registered by NDIS to provide services under the following categories:

  • Development Life Skills
  • Early Childhood Supports
  • Participate Community

If you intend to use your child’s NDIS funding to pay for term fees, you are required to complete a Service Agreement, which is attached to your child’s invoice for each term. This Service Agreement needs to be completed regardless of whether your child’s plan is being self-managed, NDIA managed or managed by a Plan Manager. All Service Agreements must be completed to ensure that your child is included on the schedule for each term.

Please be aware that the fee structure has changed for 2018 (see ‘2018 Fee Options‘).

Many of our members have managed to use funding from the categories below:

Category:                                      Core Supports

Support Budget:                            Community, social and recreational activities

Support Item Name:                      Community, social and recreational activities

Support Reference Number:




Category:                                      Capacity Building

Support Budget:                            Community participation activities

Support Item Name:                      Participation in community based activities that build skills and independence.

Support Reference:                        09_010_0125_6_3

If you are planning a full year of Rainbow Club Membership, you should allow $1,120 for 2018.


Transitioning to NDIS and Rainbow Club Fees

The Board of Rainbow Club has considered the future for the organisation in the NDIS world.

The decision has been made to transition to a membership payment structure where Rainbow Club’s total costs will be charged to members.

At current costs this means that we are transitioning to a fee of $280 per school term. In making this transition, the Board retains its policy that no child will be deprived of a Rainbow Club membership because of family financial hardship and anybody needing fee relief should contact the Rainbow Club General Manager.

The Board have also recognised that once the transition has been implemented, it will greatly relieve the pressure on clubs and their committees to fundraise to keep the club operating.

The transition is expected to take 2 years.