Meet Jackie Cole

jackiecoleWe chatted to Jacqueline Cole, Rainbow Club teacher for Cherrybrook about her love of working with children in the Rainbow Club program…

Jackie is a full-time working mum in a busy job with Fox Australia, has two adult children and has been a qualified AustSwim teacher for many years.

A few years ago, Jackie’s husband came across an advertisement in the Hornsby Advocate for an teacher position with the local Rainbow Club. Jackie says “Teaching children with special needs – it appealed to me as it was different to other positions available, and I felt I could really make a difference. ”

“It is a wonderful program to be involved with, the parents and the children are inspirational, we all have the same goal to make children safe in the water. The community supporting Rainbow Club is very passionate about getting our kids to swim and enjoy the weekly activity.”

“As a Rainbow Club instructor, you need to be very patient, flexible and always be able to think on your feet – what you did in the lesson last week may not apply in this week’s lesson! But this is the nice part of the challenge that I love teaching these children.”

Reaching the breakthrough moments are the take home rewards that come with being an instructor of kids with special needs. For Jackie that moment can be something as simple as a child floating or moving by themselves in the water for the first time.

“I recently received a text from Amanda, a parent of one of my students Emily, her daughter
has finally learnt to float on her own un-aided. Amanda sent through a video showing the triumph, and thanked me for all that I had done to help Emily achieve this vital swimming skill to be safe in the water, giving her the confidence of achieving something on her own.
For a child with complex learning and physical disabilities like Emily, it’s these moments that you know all the hard work has made an incredible difference to a child and her family.”
– Jaqueline Cole, Cherrybrook Rainbow Club