Life Members

Each of these individuals brings a variety of skills and commitment to Rainbow Club.

Gary Bradshaw

Phillip Holt

Malcolm Kerr

Malcolm Kerr

Tony Williams


Suzanne Stanton

Margaret Taplin

Margaret Taplin

Each of these individual’s bring a variety skills and commitment to Rainbow Club.

• Gary Bradshaw “the Teflon Man”, always enthusiastic, the one with the plan, running, golf, “Bertha”. Gary is a man of action.

Tony Williams “the bower bird” of the board. Bower birds have two characteristics, tireless in building and they collect “stuff”. This is Tony! He chipped away at South Australia until a club was formed and never gave up. His ‘collection’ skills are renowned and provides our ball guests with lots of ‘goodies’ to purchase.

• Philip Holt “the sand man”. The first Rainbow Club president and the man who gave Rainbow Club direction and guidance from day one. We ask Philip and he says “yes”. His generosity is legendry. He asks all the hard questions and then finds the answers.

• Malcolm Kerr “the pride of the Shire”. Malcolm is the arranger, he lends us his secretary, his meeting rooms and his valuable time. Malcolm is a quiet achiever who works towards finding answers.

• Suzanne Stanton  “fundraiser extraordinaire” has the history of Rainbow Club at her finger tips from her 10 years as President.  She is tireless in her passion to make Rainbow Club a success through her breadth of her experience, her network of friends and colleagues and her heart for volunteering.

Margaret Taplin “Energetic and enthusiastic” Margaret raised funds for Rainbow Club over 20 years with the annual fundraiser now running like a well oiled machine.  Her enthusiasm, energy and efficiency never waivers.   She has contributed in excess of a quarter of a million to Rainbow Club over many functions years