Ron Siddons, OAM, MBE (19

Rainbow Club Australia was founded by Ron Siddons in 1969.  Ron was working then as a Life Guard with the Sutherland Shire and had spent a life in and around the water.  Swimming, for him, was a big part of his life and that of his friends.

One day he met a father struggling to teach his child to swim.  The task was made difficult by the child’s disability, which meant that he could not participate in other swimming classes.  Ron felt that this was unfair and offered to help this father teach his child to swim.  Ron met the family at the local pool in Cronulla each week.  Others came to join Ron – both families with children who wanted to learn to swim and teachers who wanted to help.  And so Rainbow Club was formed.

As the local Cronulla Rainbow Club grew, others came to hear of it and established local Rainbow Clubs in their areas.  Rainbow Club Australia now has 20 clubs across NSW.

Ron could not have achieved this without the support of his wife, Lily.  Lily was a member of the Board with Ron for many years and was instrumental in many successful fundraising Balls over the years.

The Board is grateful for Ron and Lily’s continued support and encouragement.