Tool New Employee Checklist

New Employee Checklist
1. Develop Position Description following templates in Staff Charter
2. Determine if the Position is to be:
a. Full time
b. Part-time
– Set hours per week
– Base rate paid plus super
– Annual Leave and Personal Leave will accumulate on a pro-rate basis
– Can be for a Fixed term period
c. Casual
– Flexible hours, may vary each week, each occasion of engagement is considered a separate contract of employment which ceases at the end of that engagement
– Base rate plus casual loading plus super (if applicable)
– No Annual Leave or Personal Leave entitlement
– Can be for a Fixed term period

3. Prepare Letter of offer following templates in Staff Charter

4. Send Letter of Offer with the following attachments:
a. Fair Work Information Statement
b. Position Description
c. Code of Conduct
d. Employment Form (if not already completed)
e. Working from Home Occupational Health and Safety Checklist (if applicable)

5. Before an employee can be set up for payroll the following fully completed forms must have been returned:
a. Signed Letter of Offer
b. Completed Employment Form
c. Completed Tax File Number Declaration
d. Working from Home Checklist if applicable

6. Forms must be returned in the first instance to the General Manager, with scanned copies of Employment Form and TFN Declaration to be forwarded to Finance and Compliance Officer.