Tool 114 Venue Assessment

Thank you for completing this form to assist Rainbow Club Australia in ensuring your venue will meet our needs. Please fill out all sections. Rainbow Club Australia requires a venue assessment form for all bookings to ensure accessibility and to ensure all attendees can enjoy and participate fully in our events.
Name of Venue
Phone Number
Contact Person
Access & Transport
Is on-site parking available?

Number of accessible parking spaces for people with disability?
Is there an accessible entrance to the venue?

Do internal lifts reach all rooms?

Can the venue be reached by public transport?

Type of public transport available: Train  Bus  Other __________
Venue Accessibility
Are all rooms accessible to wheelchairs?

Are disabled toilets available?

Is a hearing loop available?

Health and Safety Requirements
Does the venue have public liability insurance coverage?

Is the venue equipped with first aid staff and/or first aid equipment?

Does the venue have appropriate fire alarms, sprinklers and evacuation procedures?

Is all electrical equipment regularly checked and tagged and protected by RCDs?

Are hazardous materials securely locked away?

Are risky areas such as edges and stairs identified with tactile surfaces (large dots raised on ground)?

Does the venue have non-slip floor surfaces and handrails on stairs?

Does the building meet safety standards of the Australian building code?

Availability of non-smoking outdoor areas

Maintenance and inspection records available

All equipment and water features guarded

Presence of low light, glary or noisy areas

Working with children and police checks undertaken for staff

Staff trained for activities

Presence of crowds or animals

Food safety standards met

Additional Comments

Name of person completing form Date completed

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