Policy 114 Workplace Health and Safety

Rainbow Club Australia is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy work environment
for all staff, members, volunteers and other stakeholders.

Rainbow Club Australia has a primary duty of care to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all staff, volunteers, members and other persons involved with the work carried out by Rainbow Club Australia.

Individual Rainbow Clubs, their staff, members and volunteers are bound by the rules and
regulations of each pool we use. These rules and regulations are set by each individual pool
and are on display at the pool. It is the responsibility of all involved to be familiar with these
rules and ensure that they are obeyed in their entirety.

Responsibilities of the Board
The Board delegates to the General Manager the responsibility for promoting and maintaining workplace health and safety (WHS).

Managing workplace injuries
Rainbow Club Australia will keep a register of accidents, incidents and injuries. The register will be maintained by the General Manager and will be used to record:
•All accidents and incidents that occur to members or teachers
•All critical incidents irrespective of any actual injury occurring

Rainbow Club Australia recognises its obligation to ensure that all accidents and incidents
are reported, recorded and investigated appropriately. Rainbow Club Australia will ensure
that privacy and confidentiality of personal and health information pertaining to an injured
worker or person is maintained and managed in accordance with the requirements of NSW
privacy legislation.

In the event of a workplace injury

Responsibilities of Staff:
Should an accident or incident occur staff may take such steps as are necessary:
•To assist an injured person,

•To ensure the site is safe or to minimise the risk of a further incident

•To notify relevant authorities

All accidents and incidents must be reported to the immediate supervisor and Pool
operator by the staff member as soon as reasonably practicable after they occur and an
Incident Report form (available on the Website) completed, even if no injury is apparent.

The Incident Report form is to be forwarded to the General Manager as soon as practicable
following the incident.

Responsibilities of General Manager:
Upon advice of an incident the General Manager shall:

•Contact the necessary parties to establish if counselling of any victims, witnesses or others involved is needed.

•Arrange counselling as required

•Liaise with counsellors and those being counselled as appropriate

•Report to WorkCover and the insurer (where injury has occurred) should the incident be considered serious and notifiable

•Conduct an investigation, update the Incident Register

•Manage the process of identifying preventative and corrective actions, and monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of those actions

•Report all serious and notifiable incidents to the Board of Rainbow Club Australia.

Workers compensation
Rainbow Club Australia complies with all statutory requirements in relation to the provision
of insurance against work related injury. A workers compensation insurance policy will be
kept current for the number of staff and the roles performed.

If a staff member requires time off as a result of their injury, a medical certificate must be
obtained from their doctor, so that a worker’s compensation claim may be lodged.

The certificate must be forwarded to the General Manager so that the appropriate
paperwork may be completed for the insurer. The workers compensation claim must be
lodged within seven (7) days of the injury occurring. The decision about whether the claim
is accepted or not rests wholly with the insurance provider.

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