Policy 113 Managing Challenging Behaviour

Policy Statement
Rainbow Club is committed to providing support for children with a disability and challenging
behaviours. In the best interest of teachers and other members the Association will ensure
that positive, non-intrusive, legally and ethically acceptable procedures are adopted to
maximise opportunities for participation in learning to swim and social participation.


• Rainbow Club expects teachers, parents and members speak politely to each other
at all times
• If a child is struggling with behavior during a lesson, parents are requested to assist
• If a child should become verbally abusive or physical with a teacher or another member,
teachers will swap the lesson they are teaching as a change may help the situation
• If a teacher change is not successful, the child will be returned to the parent/carer for 5 minutes to compose themselves. The child is welcome to resume their lesson after 5 minutes if they wish. Parents/carers are expected to remain close to assist if required
• If unacceptable behavior continues, the lesson will end for the child
• Parents/carers may discuss an incident with teachers or committee members if needed
• If unacceptable behaviour continues, the lesson will end for the child