Policy 111 Volunteers Policy

Rainbow Club Australia relies heavily on the unpaid work of volunteers and values their
contribution highly. All volunteers shall be treated with respect and gratitude for their

Volunteers shall be engaged at the discretion of the management of Rainbow Club Australia
and shall carry out duties assigned by the management of Rainbow Club Australia.
All volunteers shall, as far as possible,
• Be protected from harm
• Be appropriately trained for the role they are required to perform
• Be adequately covered by an appropriate volunteer insurance policy.

All volunteers are recruited for defined positions.

Volunteers shall be offered appropriate manuals, information, briefing or training to
discharge their functions and shall be supported by relevant staff to carry out their duties.

Volunteer’s Code of Conduct
As a Rainbow Club Australia Volunteer I agree to the Rainbow Club Volunteer Code of Conduct.
Code of Conduct:

• I will behave professionally and ethically in a manner free from harassment
and bullying and accept responsibility for my actions
• I will perform all duties to the best of my ability at all times
• I will commit to the mission and goals of Rainbow Club so as to provide the best
possible service to Rainbow Club and its members
• I will, to the best of my ability, ensure the safety, health and welfare of children
in the club, other teachers and those who participate in Rainbow Club events
• I will treat all with whom I am in contact with courtesy and respect
• I will abide by all rainbow Club Australia policies and procedures, charters
and manuals as detailed on the website

Dispute resolution
All volunteers shall be entitled to have disputes resolved in accordance with the Compliments and Complaints policy.

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