Policy 109 Policy Development and Control

The organisational policies and procedures of Rainbow Club Australia are designed to provide guidance to staff and Board members in performing their roles. All staff and Board undertake to comply with these policies when they take up their roles with Rainbow Club Australia.

Each policy:
• Is documented in the standard template
• Has an identified approving body or person and a regular schedule of review

Review of policies
On or before the date of the next scheduled review for a policy, the person responsible will:
• Notify the people affected by the policy of the review time frame
• Invite their input on any changes needed
• Collate and summarise the information received
• Draft any changes and/or consult with the approving body or person
• Finalise the policy once it has been approved, documenting the version and review dates.

Changes to policies outside of review schedules
Any staff or Board member may suggest a change to an existing policy, or the development of a new policy, outside of its review schedule. Information on the need for a change to an existing policy should be given to the person responsible for the policy’s review. Approval for any change in procedures will be the responsibility of the General Manager, approval for any change in the policy statement will be the responsibility of the Board.

Suggestions for the development of new policies should be discussed and actioned:
• By staff either with a line manager or staff colleagues

• by Board members either with the President or a relevant sub-committee or the Board.

Approval for the development of a new policy will be the responsibility of the Board or the General Manager depending on the nature of the content.

Breaches of policy or procedure
Where a staff or Board member believes that a policy or procedure has not been followed
they should, in the first instance, discuss this with the person or group involved in the
apparent breach.

If this does not resolve the issue, the staff or Board member may then raise the issue
with an appropriate senior manager and/or the approving body or person for the policy


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