Policy 106 Member Records


Rainbow Club Australia is committed to collecting, keeping and disposing of member
records in ways that protects privacy and ensures confidentiality is maintained.
This policy will operate in conjunction with the organisation’s Privacy Policy.


Specifically Rainbow Club Australia will:

  • Collect and keep information about members only when it is relevant and necessary to the provision of membership
  • Ensure data about each member is up to date, accurate and secure whether stored
    in hard copy or electronically in accordance with privacy legislation
  • Take account of any relevant cultural or religious sensitivities of members regarding the way information about them is collected, stored and used
  • Store members’ records for the required length of time
  • Transfer or dispose of member records correctly
  • Provide information to members about how their personal information is managed

When the organisation collects, keeps and uses identifiable data about a member,
the following procedures will be implemented to guarantee the privacy of the member,
ensure that records are appropriate, accurate, and secure.

Collecting Identifiable Data

The organisation collects and records the following information about individual members

  • Name and contact information
  • Parent/Guardian details and contact information
  • Date of Birth
  • Disability
  • Behavioural aspects that may be an issue in relation to learning to swim
  • Parent/Guardian and/or member aspirations/goals for development

This information is collected for the purpose of:

  • Liaising with parent/guardian
  • Tailoring a learn to swim program to meet the needs of the member
  • Evaluating the members’ progress against nominated aspirations

The General Manager will review the scope of information collected every 5 years
to ensure that only relevant information is being recorded.
The Registration page on the website requests the person’s consent to provide
the information and informs them of:

  • The reason for requesting the information
  • How the information will be recorded and stored
  • What other information will be recorded during the provision of service
  • How their privacy will be protected
  • Their rights to view or access information about them

If the member and/or their parent/guardian have any concerns or specific requests about the way their personal information is recorded or managed, they can liaise directly with the General Manager.

Storage and use of Identifiable Data

Information collected about individual members is stored in the following ways:

• Data collected via registration is stored in electric form with the Rainbow Club
Salesforce System
• This information is kept secure under password protection
• The General Manager, administration staff, club management and Lead teachers are
authorised to access the Salesforce system

Members may request access to their files by sending an email to the General Manager.
Access by a member to their file require the authorisation of the General Manager and will be arranged by the General Manager or club management once approved. A request for access by a member must be considered within 7 business days.

Maintaining and Verifying Member Records

Club Management is responsible for reviewing and updating member records on a regular basis.

A record will be created for each member upon registration as above and be updated
whenever details change. In recording personal information about members, club
management and/or the General Manager will ensure that only necessary information is
collected in relation to the child’s attendance and goals for swimming with Rainbow Club.

File Management

Club management is responsible for managing member records on Salesforce, maintaining the register of member records and managing the archiving and disposal of member records.

Record disposal

Member records are kept for 7 years from the last point of service provision.


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