Why have fees?

Rainbow Club Australia is a registered charity and has an obligation to ensure that all lessons provided by its local Clubs are utilised for the benefit of all children registered with Rainbow Club, whether presently swimming with a Rainbow Club or waiting for a place.

What is the fee?

Fees for members under 7 years – $125 per term
Fees for members 7 years and older – $280 per term

This is a subscription fee for each term and not a fee per lesson, therefore no refunds are issued in the event that a child cannot attend a particular class (or classes).

When are fees paid?

Fees are required to be paid in advance of each term in order to secure a place on the schedule for the following term.

How do I pay the fee?

Credit Card is the preferred method for the payment of fees.
Payment by EFT is also available, with a meaningful description (Child’s name) included as the reference (eg Jack Smith Term 2).

The fee is a subscription fee and not a fee per lesson, so we are unable to make refunds in the event that a child cannot attend lessons.

Families are asked to inform the Committee of their local club of any planned extended absence (due to holiday, therapy or illness) so that lessons can be offered to a family on the waiting list on a casual basis.

All fees will be forfeited and the lesson will be allocated to another child on the waiting list if three or more lessons are missed in any one term without prior notice being given of the intention to miss lessons.

What if I cannot afford the membership fee?

Should parents have difficulty with making payments please do not hesitate to speak to the Club Manager or contact the General Manager of Rainbow Club Australia at info@rainbowclubaust.com.au to discuss how we can help.