Policy 112 Risk Management

The Board of Rainbow Club Australia has ultimate responsibility for safeguarding the organisation and its personnel and for ensuring that adequate risk management processes are in place. Risk management processes will be designed in order to prevent injury or harm to individuals, to protect the assets and interests of the organisation and to limit the impact of any unavoidable risk.
The Board will ensure that adequate resources are made available within the budget to implement all risk management processes.
The Board delegates the monitoring and reporting of risk management to the General Manager
The General Manager will be responsible for the day to day implementation of risk management procedures and for ensuring that all staff and volunteers are aware of these procedures.

Risk management plan
The General Manager will oversee the risk management plan for the organisation. The risk management plan will cover all aspects of the organisation’s activities and:
• Document all potential risks and their risk rating according to the following:

Very high High Medium Low
Very high
(almost certain) 1: Extreme 2: Very high 3: High 5: Medium
(probable) 2: Very high 3: High 4: Significant 6: Low LIKELIHOOD OF HAPPENING
(may happen) 3: High 4: Significant 5: Medium Negligible
(unlikely) 4: Significant 5: Medium 6: Low Negligible

• Identify actions to manage risk, time frames for any tasks and responsibility. This will include compliance checks to be conducted.

The Compliance Officer will provide a report against the risk management plan to the General Manager.

The General Manager will review the risk management plan on an annual basis.

Compliance checks

The General Manager will monitor the following:
• Currency and adequacy of insurance cover
• Probity and security of financial management
• Compliance with contractual arrangements and funding agreements in particular
• Compliance of all Rainbow Club Australia procedures with relevant legislation
• Compliance with the following Rainbow Club Australia procedures:
 Workplace Health and Safety Policy

The General Manager/Compliance Officer will report to the Board/Management Committee to confirm compliance checks and report any irregularities.
Staff responsibilities
All staff and volunteers are responsible for maintaining an awareness of potential risks in their areas of responsibility, ensuring that procedures are followed and notifying General Manager of any potential or actual risk.

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