Policy 102 Service Information and Charter



Rainbow Club Australia ensures that information about the organisation’s services and activities is made available to current and prospective service users, referral and partner agencies, other stakeholders and the general community.


Accurate and up to date service information will be made available to enable:

  • new or prospective service users or to make informed decisions about their use of the service
  • referring agencies to make appropriate referrals
  • staff to discuss and negotiate the expectations of service users or referring agencies.



Scope of information

Specific information about services will be provided to potential service users that describe:

  • who the service/s are for and the eligibility criteria
    The services of Rainbow Club Australia are provided for children with a disability. A child is defined as being someone from 6 months up until they reach the age of 18.  A Disability is defined as being something that is Permanent and Significant.
  • how services are allocated
    Services are allocated on the basis of availability of lesson times within a particular club. Lessons will only be allocated once the quarterly Membership fee has been paid, or alternative Fee Relief has been approved. Applications to a Club where there are no available swimming lessons, will be held on a Waiting List, until such time as a position becomes available or if the Applicant choses to withdraw their application.
  • terms and conditions of service
    Terms and Conditions of the service are outlined in our Welcome Letter to New Parents.
  • other service information, including costs or fees
    The Fee Policy is available on our Website and in the Club Manual.


General Manager will be responsible for planning, developing and reviewing service information, as and when required.


Publication and distribution of information

General Manager will be responsible for the publication of service information on our website, in the Club Manual and within the Welcome Letter to New Parents.

General Manager and/or Club Management will be responsible for the distribution of service information through the issuing of Welcome Letter when a new member is accepted to Rainbow Club.



Rainbow Club Australia Member Service Charter outlines Member rights and responsibilities in a way that is accessible and easily understood by Members.

The Service Charter

  • Helping children with a disability learn to swim
  • Our clubs in NSW provide swimming lessons for children with a disability. They operate during the four school terms.
  • Rainbow Club believes that learning to swim is a right for all children, including those with a disability
  • We recognise that concentrated and individual focus helps those with a disability acquire the skills needed to stay safe in an aquatic environment.
  • For further information about Rainbow Club Australia, please contact us via the Contact Us tab on our website.
  • Our expectations of member/parent/guardian responsibilities include the following, and are detailed in full in the Welcome Letter:
    • Willingness to be involved with the running of the Club
    • Adherence to Fees Policy
    • Dress Code
    • Safety and Rules around the Pool
    • Transition Program
    • Participation and Feedback is welcomed at Rainbow Club.
      • Participation – Opportunities exist for parents/guardians to be involved at Club level, Board level and/or with the Fundraising activities that occur throughout the year.
      • Feedback – Feedback is welcomed, please refer to our Compliments and Complaints section of the Welcome letter or our Website for further information
      • Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s disability, behaviours and goals with their teacher.  For further information please refer to the Teachers section of the Welcome letter

The Service Charter is available on the website and relevant sections are also included in the Welcome Letter to New Parents.




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